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Đáp án đề thi Writing tại Việt Nam 18/2/2017

Dạo này Hung Hanu rảnh rỗi hơn, nên tiếp tục công việc mình rất yêu thích bây lâu nay là giải đề thi Writing ra tại Việt Nam gần đây nhất nhé. Dưới đây là bài giải chủ đề về giáo dục. Mời cả nhà cùng tham khảo !


Do u agree or disagree with the statement that government should invest more money in science education rather than other subjects to develop the country.


Science is undoubtedly a major contributor to the thriving of a nation. There is, accordingly , a recommendation that government should inject more money into science education rather than other subjects . Even though this view seems rational, I tend to believe that investment in other subjects is equally important.

Our life has indeed been changed positively by means of the rapid growth of science and technology . On a personal level, technological equipment , for instance, laptop helps our daily tasks to be completed faster and more effectively. Science also helps boost the productivity of the whole society, which can be seen clearly in developed countries such as Japan or The US. However , this does not mean that science is the only factor that promotes modern society . In other words, the prosperity of a society derives from other underlying causes. Therefore, in order that a nation can be developed, each individual needs receiving a well-rounded education , not merely knowledge about science. Literature , art as well as soft skills are not less crucial, all of which contribute hugely to train intellectuals and highly skilled workers - the driving force of an advanced society.

Apart from this, if government fund prioritizes science education, this may lead to the trend that learners look down on aforementioned subjects. They tend to pay little attention to non-science knowledge because in their mind this knowledge is impractical and useless. Their awareness about the world outside is not developed fully as a result . Moreover, when teaching and studying science is highly acclaimed , the role of non-science teachers may not be recognized. Accordingly, not only students but also parents are more likely to show a disrespectful attitude towards such teachers.

In summary, I believe that though science and technology surely benefits our society on multiple levels, other subjects have their own values in shaping a better world. ( Written by Hung Hanu )


-A major contributor to the thriving of a nation: Nhân tố quan trọng đóng góp vào sự phồn thịnh của một quốc gia

-Inject money into science education : Đầu tư chi phí, tiền bạc vào việc dạy và học khoa học

-Receive a well-rounded education: Tiếp nhận một nền giáo dục toàn diện

-Train intellectuals and highly skilled workers - the driving force of an advanced society. Đào tạo nên tầng lớp trí thức và đội ngũ công nhân có tay nghề cao – Động lực phát triển của một xã hội văn minh

-Look down on something: Coi thường, xem nhẹ thứ gì đó

-Pay little attention to non-science knowledge: Không quan tâm đến các kiến thức không thuộc về lĩnh vực khoa học

-Show a disrespectful attitude towards somebody : Thể hiện thái độ không tôn kính với ai đó

-Shape a better world: Kiến tạo nên một thế giới tốt dẹp hơn

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