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Đáp án đề thi Writing tại Việt Nam 4/3/2017

Hung Hanu tiếp tục gửi đến các bạn đáp án mới nhất cho đề thi Writing chủ đề nhân đạo vừa được ra tại Việt Nam đầu tháng ba vừa qua nhé !

A. ĐỀ 

Some people think that developing countries need financial help from international organizations. Others think that it is practical aid and advice that is needed. Discuss these views and give your own opinion.


Donating money to the poor is a HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITY which has received public attention in this day and age. With regard to this, some people believe that less developed countries should be supported financially by INTERNATIONAL CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS, others however think practical aid is a better solution. From my standpoint, hugely though financial aid benefits the needy, it can not solve striking problems of such countries in the long run. 

On the one hand, the merits of financial help are undeniable. By means of this, many arduous issues that developing nations have faced can be mitigated. Take Vietnam as an example. Some environment–related problems in some Vietnam’s regions were alleviated when France donated a huge amount of money to this nation in 2016. Besides, international groups can make difficulties of these countries known more widely because they often COLLABORATE WITH news agencies to popularize their charity campaigns via several media channels. Consequently, the poor will be provided more financial assistance by benefactors, thereby making their lives better day by day. 

On the other hand, it is not by chance that practical support and advice are regarded as a more sustainable and long-term measure. The reason is that financial aid is not an unlimited source of funding. Therefore, if a country uses up money provided, this will lead it into poverty again. In other words, the solution of financial assistance is merely effective in short term. Accordingly, instead of giving money directly, disadvantaged people need teaching how to develop themselves through such programs as vocational training, soft skills and the use of technology. This will gradually turn poor nations into FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT ONES.

Having considered both views, I am of stronger belief that it is practical aid and advice that can SECURE A BETTER FUTURE for developing nations, not financial aid. 


-Humanitarian activity: Hoạt động nhân đạo 
-International charity organizations: Tổ chức từ thiện quốc tế 
-Financial assistance : Sự hỗ trợ về mặt tài chính 
-Collaborate with : Cộng tác với, làm việc với 
-Benefactors : Nhà hảo tâm 
-Financially independent nations: Những quốc gia độc lập về tài chính 
-Secure a better future : Đảm bảo một tương lai tốt đẹp hơn 

Hung Hanu

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